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Intelligent Automation Revolution – Are you ready for it?

Are your Finance, HR and Operational systems disconnected and it’s impossible to make them communicate with each other? Do your people spend more time than they need to on manual data collection and processing? If the answer is yes, then your business is ready for a new type of intelligent automation.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows users to configure software or a ‘robot’ to capture and interpret existing applications for processing a transaction, manipulating data, triggering responses and communicating with other systems. The robot takes over the mundane tasks associated with existing applications, resulting in streamlined processes and greater productivity.

Get your virtual workforce, built on best-in-class RPA technology

Konica Minolta can transform how your business services operate and perform.
With our experts in intelligent automation, we can help you analyse, configure and automate your high volume, repeatable tasks and transactions with speed, ease of deployment and fast ROI. We do so using a scalable approach, web-based applications and with little to no programming.

With RPA you will get:

  • Improved performance in process throughput time
  • Increased quality by automation and reducing human errors
  • Reduced costs - on average a cost reduction up to 80% is possible
  • 24x7 operations - no time off, no training or recruitment costs
  • Greater agility in processes and increased production capacity
  • Scalability – you can add more robots when required by peak load
  • No changes required to underlying BPM processes
  • Land and expand – you can start with part(s) of a process and expand later

Can you risk missing out on the benefits that RPA can bring to you? Get in touch today and book your no-obligation FREE consultation now.