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Your business is growing fast, but you have ambitions to expand further, innovate more and outpace your larger, less nimble competitors.

What is holding you back?

Too often, it is your in-house technology function. While making heroic advances against a tidal wave of everyday demands from the business, your IT function is struggling to do “more with less”. It is under intense pressure to deliver secure, efficient, future-proofed technology services. But with overstretched resources and skills in short supply, relying on in-house IT alone limits your ability to focus on business strategy, innovation and growth opportunities. So, what is the solution?

‘Time to rethink Managed Services’ Report

Commissioned by Konica Minolta and conducted by Kingpin, an independent research agency, the ‘Time to rethink Managed Services’ research shines a light on the challenges small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face in terms of IT services delivery and offers advice on how to tackle these. It discusses the advantages of managed IT services, reveals what keeps heads of IT awake at night and highlights which IT investment delivers the greatest return on investment.

‘Time to rethink Managed Services’ Report

What you will learn from the report:

  • The main IT challenges for SMEs
  • The key business challenges for SMEs
  • The top issues driving IT services purchase considerations
  • The primary benefits of a managed IT service
  • The key capabilities SMEs look for in a managed IT service
  • What should you look for in a managed IT services provider

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