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In an ideal world, you want IT to spend far more time leveraging new technologies and less time on simply keeping the lights on. Disjointed systems and processes, hardware administration, software management, lack of resource, managing multiple IT contracts, the list of IT headaches goes on and on. And whilst IT has become more connected and less complex in enterprises, small businesses have yet to benefit from this trend.

Workplace Hub is the one IT platform you need to simplify the infrastructure and management of your IT. Workplace Hub combines hardware, software, and services into a consolidated, all-in-one solution to give your business the capability of a far larger enterprise, but with the freedom of a start-up. It incorporates powerful HPE Gen 10 server and Sophos next generation protection, meaning you can take cyber security off your worry list too.

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Workplace Hub is tailored to your needs so you can more easily plan, manage and grow your IT environment. We remotely monitor and manage the entire system for you, finding and fixing problems before they impact your business.

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That's Workplace HUB in a nutshell. Sounds too good to be true? It is.

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